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Effectively teaching piano is a highly intricate task due to the diverse backgrounds, personalities, and learning approaches students might possess. Nonetheless, their learning process could be enhanced through the implementation of a diverse and adaptable pedagogical plan that caters to the specific goals and needs of each student. In light of this, the purpose of this study was to contribute to the existing body of pedagogical piano literature by offering supplementary resources to piano teachers. Therefore, this research aimed to assist piano teachers in navigating the unique characteristics of each student. This objective was accomplished by means of a thorough pedagogical comparison between Brazilian piano works from the database of the Instituto Piano Brasileiro (Brazilian Piano Institute) and selected reputed piano methods. The collection of piano methods is constituted by the Celebration Series, Piano Adventures, and Bastien Piano Basics. All the conclusions presented in this study were grounded in a comprehensive literature review encompassing the domains of piano pedagogy, piano technique, and educational psychology. To facilitate access to the suggested Brazilian piano repertoire, this document incorporated an overview of the Instituto Piano Brasileiro, and an interview conducted with its Executive Director and founder, Alexandre Dias. The outcome of this research endeavor manifests as a pedagogical compilation of Brazilian piano compositions organized in a sequential manner, designed to foster the progressive development of piano students' musicianship and technique. This compilation aimed to promote productivity, engagement, diversity, and inclusivity within the piano learning process.

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