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College of Natural and Health Sciences, Nursing, Nursing Student Work


Brockway, Christine. Evaluating Effective Communication of Baccalaureate Nursing Students. Published Doctor of Philosophy dissertation, University of Northern Colorado, 2024. The purpose of this mixed methods study was to determine how communication evaluation by clinical faculty compared in a clinical setting versus a simulation setting for Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) students. Fifty (50) BSN students from three different schools of nursing were scored using the Interprofessional Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation Nurse to Physician Rubric in both clinical and simulation settings by seven nursing faculty. Scoring for each student occurred in both settings during one semester. Following the evaluation, students and faculty were asked to participate in a focus group to discuss their experience. Results from this study showed that scores from both settings were statistically the same, implying that a rubric used in a simulation setting could also be used in a clinical setting. Both the faculty and student focus groups found the rubric beneficial for improving student skill with hand-off report.

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