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Neurological evaluation often utilizes a comparison of current test performance and previous performance to note any changes in neurological functioning. Previous methods have utilized atheoretical assessment measures such as the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children IV as means of determining pre-morbid functioning. The purpose of this study was to develop pre-morbid intellectual functioning equations using the theoretical Das-Naglieri: Cognitive Assessment System (CAS) as a method to determine functioning prior to a neurological injury in children. Participants included the CAS Standardization sample (N= 2,791). The sample was randomly divided into two groups (90% comprising the development sample, the remaining 10% consisting of the validation sample). In addition, 22 individuals from the CAS standardization sample who reported a TBI were also withheld for a small clinical validation sample. The development group was used to create 17 equations to estimate both CAS-Domain scores and CAS Full Scale IQ. 16 of the 17 equations were accurate predictors of the CAS-Domain and CAS Full Scale scores in the non-clinical validation sample. These equations hold promise in accurate estimation in clinical samples, as evidenced by the validation in the small TBI clinical sample utilized in this study although more clinical validation is required.

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Psychology; children; Cognitive Assessment System; pre-morbid; traumatic brain injury


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