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Wright, Stephen L.

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Given the continued need for a college degree, it is important for counseling psychologists to examine factors that relate to students' adjustment to college. Specifically, investigating students' retrospective reports of how they were parented, their adult attachment to their primary caregiver from childhood, and their adult romantic attachment and how these factors related to college adjustment might offer guidance for counseling psychologists who work with college students. Therefore, the current study sought to understand this area and used a sample of 191 undergraduate students from the Rocky Mountain region. Regression results found a significant relationship between levels of parenting style, attachment relationships, and college adjustment. It is noteworthy that greater levels of authoritative parenting were significantly associated with both parental and romantic attachment. Romantic attachment was significantly associated with overall college adjustment. Implications for counseling psychologists and future research directions were discussed.

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Parents -- Attitudes.; Counseling psychology; Parenting style; College adjustment; College student orientation -- Psychological aspects.; College students -- Attitudes.; Attachment behavior


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