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Leadership giftedness continues to be the hidden dimension in gifted and talented education. There are numerous definitions, a lack of clarity for identifying leadership giftedness and an unfulfilled federal mandate for programming. Yet, leadership continues to be a hidden dimension in gifted and talented education, especially for children with promise who are sometimes identified as at-risk. With a nation’s need for the development of future leaders, this study used phenomenology to conduct interviews with eight individuals to better understand their insights and experiences with leadership as they faced and overcame adversity in their childhood or youth. By conducting open-ended interviews with each participant, the researcher identified major themes and specific leadership attributes that can be taught to students enrolled in K-12 public schools. Leadership training creates access for a transformation of purpose and a collective call to action through today’s children and youth while providing leadership for a world that is unknown to generations yet to be born.


Identification, Leadership giftedness, Training Programs, Youth


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