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Changing population demographics have important implications for intergenerational relationships. While research abounds on certain family relationships, less attention has been given to the relationship between an aging parent and her or his adult child. Two theoretical constructs that have consistently been useful for examining these relationships include intergenerational ambivalence (IGA) and, to a lesser degree, dimensions of grandparenthood. Thus, the purpose of this study was to suggest new measurement strategies for these constructs, expand on the correlates of IGA and a grandparent’s perceived ambivalence regarding her or his adult child’s parenting practices, and bring new perspectives to the experience of grandparenting. Using data from 210 grandparents, exploratory factor analyses and regression analyses were conducted. Results provided support for these new measurement strategies, and indicated that ambivalence related to parenting practices significantly accounts for overall IGA. Moreover, IGA accounted for a significant portion of a participant’s cognitive experience of grandparenting. This study has implications for the measurement of IGA and grandparenting, as well as clinical work with adults in transition and grandparents who are raising their grandchildren


Grandparenthood Dimensions, Grandparenting, IGA, Intergenerational ambivalence, Intergenerational relationships, Parenting


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