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Williams, Mia K.

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This study examined makerspace instructor’s pedagogical practices and how these influenced learning within the space. Three different Makerspaces located in a library and K-12 were selected and studied. The instructors teaching within these spaces were observed, interviewed and artifacts collected. Preliminary results showed that the pedagogical practices of Makerspace instructors were in line with constructivist, framework for 21st century learning and constructionism theoretical framework. These results further showed that making and tinkering in the makerspace does contribute to learning if we define learning from the lenses of constructivist, framework for 21st century learning and constructionism framework. This study has several implications on education, learning through making and tinkering, on understanding Makerspace instructors and how their pedagogical practices are influencing students learning. In addition, administrators must provide support for teachers teaching in Makerspaces if they are to succeed in instilling the maker mindset.


Makerspaces; Makerspaces in libraries; Educational technology


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