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In this digital age, teachers need to incorporate advanced technology into their classrooms. Digital storytelling (DST) is one such skill that has been shown to be effective for learners. However, not enough teachers have adequate training to implement this strategy and interventions are focused mainly on current teachers. There is a need to train teachers before they finish their teacher training programs. However, to do this effectively, the field of teacher education needs more knowledge and understanding of pre-service teachers’ perceptions, needs, and experiences in using DST as a structured teaching model. This qualitative study examined 38 Saudi Arabian pre-service teachers’ use of the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation (ADDIE) model for developing lesson plans and creating a DST project following that lesson plan. Participants attended a DST workshop that included instruction on the use of the ADDIE model to create a lesson plan. Data were collected with individual pre-workshop interviews, post-workshop focus group interviews, and post-workshop checklists--both individually and as a group. Data analysis was directed at evaluating pre-service teachers’ perspectives on the value of the training and use of DST for educational purposes. Also, the degree to which training in use of the ADDIE model was perceived as supporting pre-service teachers’ overall skill development in lesson planning and technology integration was assessed. Results of the study indicated participants benefitted from the workshop relative to their awareness and ability to use both the ADDIE model and DST for educational purposes. Pre-workshop interviews indicated pre-service teachers were relatively unfamiliar with the ADDIE model and the use of DST for education. Post-workshop focus group data showed substantially increased awareness and ability in the use of the ADDIE model and DST for systematic lesson planning and development. Participants also expressed positive attitudes toward integrating this technology into their lessons. Notably, pre-service teachers were enthusiastic about using the ADDIE model to solve broader problems and for use beyond an immediate educational need. The results of this study supported the importance of training pre-service teachers in the use of systematic models for lesson planning and educational technology applications. Furthermore, the usefulness of the ADDIE model specifically for lesson planning and guiding DST projects was demonstrated.

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