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With the increasing use of modern technological media in various areas of life, it has become necessary to develop teaching methods to deal with this change. One key to modernizing teaching methods is the integration of digital visual media into the educational process. The use of these visual media in programs for future teachers has become essential due to the widespread impact of such content in this digital age. Therefore, this study examines the current experiences and perceptions of five teacher educators on the use of digital visual media in pre-service teachers’ preparation programs in Saudi Arabia. The research questions addressed participants’ perspectives about the use of and practice for integrating digital visual media in university-level teacher education programs. The researcher used a questionnaire and individual interviews to collect information about the participants’ perceptions regarding the use of digital visual media in their educational practices. Data analysis led to the identification of four main themes: (a) societal demand for technology and visual knowledge, (b) increased knowledge of technology, (c) technology and digital visual media practices, and (d) developing a vision requires training and support. Results of the study indicated that overall, participants value and understand the importance of using digital visual media for educational purposes. However, the findings showed the participants’ knowledge of digital visual media was limited. Although the participants emphasized the importance of using digital visual media, they lacked experience in actual practice with how to use visual media to prepare future teachers. This lack of knowledge is interpreted as being due to a lack of required coursework focused on providing background in computer skills and a lack of support and training in the use of all the diverse visual technologies preservice teachers need to work with and understand. This study has several practical implications to guide school administrators at both university and public education levels in designing professional development for teachers.

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