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Nikolai Kapustin is a Russian pianist and composer known for his distinctive compositional style combining both classical and jazz foundations. His compositions include music for big band instruments and symphonic instruments, and a large repertoire for solo piano. Kapustin’s music has slowly gained popularity in recent years but his string works, particularly the violin-related repertoire, remain less well-known. This study hopefully makes his string works approachable for today’s string musicians. This study includes a brief summary of jazz history in the Soviet Union, Kapustin’s musical upbringing, and analyses of Kapustin’s Violin Sonata Op. 70 and String Quartet No. 1, Op. 88. The analysis begins with providing key terminologies in common jazz languages found in the jazz traditions and some traditional classical forms. Then the two pieces are analyzed using the terminologies for further understanding. The two compositions are valuable additions to the string quartet and violin repertoire as they are new to the classical violin musician due to the jazz influences but are still relatable due to the classical forms. In addition, the pieces are stylistically well crafted as well as technically demanding. These compositions are interesting additions to the genre of conventional violin sonata and string quartet pieces. Hopefully, this dissertation can foster further research, understanding, performance, and recognition to musicians and their audiences.

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