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Stotlar, David kent, 1952-

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Sport and Exercise Science


University of Northern Colorado

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Previous sport studies are limited to investigating consumer purchase intentions or past purchases, and not examining actual purchase behaviors. However, several researchers have acknowledged that based on the lack of actual behavior data, their conclusions are incomplete. Thus, adding behavioral information to consumer behavior research is paramount for a correct understanding of the link between intentions and behaviors. Moreover, despite the increasing number of studies measuring sponsorship outcomes in different sport settings, a major gap exists in the understanding of how sponsorship outcomes function at a global level. Thus, in order to have a more complete understanding of sponsorship and further improve consumer research, the reliability of sponsorship studies developed in one country should be assessed in other countries as well. This study served two purposes: (1) to develop a conceptual model for sport sponsorship outcomes in the United States (i.e., sponsorship awareness, sponsorship fit, attitude toward the sponsor, purchase intentions, past purchase behaviors, and actual purchase behaviors) and (2) to empirically test a sport sponsorship model (i.e., attitude toward the sponsor, purchase intentions, past purchase behaviors, and actual purchase behaviors) at a global level. The research initiatives were addressed by collecting data via longitudinal web surveys conducted with soccer fans from the United States and India in the area of a sport sponsorship through a jersey sponsorship. The results of structural equation models indicated that the relationships among the analyzed sponsorship outcomes do not lead to a significant effect on actual purchase behaviors. The findings acknowledged that the impact of sponsorship variables such as awareness, fit, attitude toward the sponsor, purchase intentions, and past purchases on actual purchase behaviors can be uncertain. Moreover, the results acknowledged the measurement and structural invariance of a global sport sponsorship model.

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