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This study investigated the past and present status of gender equity in the wind band conducting profession in higher education. Eight of the most prominent women in wind band conducting were interviewed on specific questions regarding their trials, triumphs, and recommendations for upcoming women conductors in the field. Interviewees included Andrea Brown, Paula Crider, Tonya Mitchell-Spradlin, Emily Moss, Catherine Rand, Courtney Snyder, Emily Threinen, and LaToya Webb. Discussion topics included personal musical journeys, role models/mentors, equity in the profession, challenges faced in their careers, personal score study/rehearsal techniques, how to help future women in the field, and other pertinent information. In this study, it was found all of the women found success by working harder and overcoming challenges and obstacles in a male-dominated field. Most of the interviewees had a majority of male mentors/role models. They stated that had there been more women predecessors in the wind band conducting field, it might have facilitated their professional journeys. All of the interviewees had challenges or instances involving inequality and spoke openly of their strategies for overcoming these challenges. The interviewees provided insights on skills and networking strategies that helped them succeed along their journeys.

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