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Understanding the phenomenon of outsourcing ticket sales in collegiate athletics can help athletic departments make more informed ticketing decisions. The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological research study was to help create new and emerging knowledge of outsourcing ticket sales in collegiate athletics from the interactions with the study’s participants. The study had 15 participants who experienced the decision-making process as well as the stakeholder impact of outsourcing ticket sales in collegiate athletics. After doing a thematic analysis of the data, eight final themes were used to help describe the phenomenon. It was clear that the importance of being able to have the resources, training, and guaranteed revenue of outsourcing companies are advantages of partnering with an outsourcing company. These resources also allow other department staff to flourish. However, loss of control, turnover, and having everyone on board was a concern for administrators. Participants described outsourcing ticket sales as something that can help a lot of institutions, especially smaller ones; however, the relationship between the organization needs to be clear and positive for it to work. This study also provides insight on who makes the final decision when it comes to outsourcing. The study will help future researchers discover more about outsourcing ticket sales in collegiate athletics while aiding industry experts on making the most informed decisions.


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