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This study examined ten transcriptions of improvised solos by trumpeter Blue Mitchell. Mitchell was a prominent performer in the hard bop style known for his tenure with the Horace Silver Quintet. The transcriptions were selected from recordings produced between 1958 and 1977. These pieces include “Sir John,” “Peace,” “Strollin’,” “Why Do I Love You?,” “Chick’s Tune,” “Gingerbread Boy,” “I Love You,” “Quiet Riot,” “Silver Blue,” and “OW!” The chosen transcriptions were analyzed and compared for common melodic devices such as motivic development, use of sequence, blues language, bebop language, and melodic quotes from other songs, which are all common elements of jazz vocabulary. This study illustrates the elements that Mitchell chose to use, and more importantly, how he chose to use them. The overall structure of Mitchell’s solos was also examined. Mitchell was a very lyrical musician and his solos tended to be symmetrical in construction.


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