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Although the catalogue of instrumental works written by Dominican composers during the 20th century includes a large number of pieces for ensemble, the repertoire dedicated to piano chamber music is comparatively scarce. While it is possible to find duets, especially for piano and violin, flute, or sometimes cello, the role of the piano is secondary, mostly for accompaniment, instead of having its own voice. The number of works written for an ensemble comprised of piano and at least two more players is almost non-existent. The lack of attention to this type of composition makes it practically impossible for a pianist to perform Dominican music in this format; instead, there has been a clear preference for the development of works for solo piano, piano and voice, band music, and symphonic works. The purpose of this dissertation is to add works of these types to the field of chamber music in the Dominican Republic and international musical scenes, for those interested in piano chamber music of Latin America and the Caribbean, specifically from the Dominican Republic. This dissertation provides ten original arrangements of works for instrumental piano chamber music, arranged from pieces for solo piano, or voice and piano, written by two Dominican composers: Julio Alberto Hernández and Rafael “Bullumba” Landestoy. Dominican classical music is not prominent outside the Dominica Republic, with few documents available in languages other than Spanish. This research will help to bring to life a body of works that will not only allow musicians in the Dominican Republic to perform arrangements of local music for an ensemble with piano, but also make these works discoverable to any person interested in this type of compositions outside the country.


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