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The purpose of this research is to provide strategies that can be used to prepare Luciano Berio’s Six Encores pour piano for performance. Each Encore is concisely analyzed with respect to five musical elements: sound (timbre, dynamics, texture), harmony, melody, time (tempo, meter, rhythm), and structure. From observations made during analysis, notable learning challenges are isolated, and learning strategies are devised to target the elements that pose significant challenges. Utilizing secondary sources, specific analytical procedures and technical exercises are crafted to aid the performer in expediting their mastery of the Encores. This document will be a valuable reference work for those teaching and studying Berio’s Six Encores pour piano and other piano works that present similar challenges. Chapter I provides the reader with a brief overview of Berio’s life, professional engagements, and compositional style. This chapter also explains the method of analysis and the way learning strategies are contrived. Chapters II through VII focus on each Encore in order of initial publication and subject it to a concise analysis based on the five musical elements, listed above. After each analysis, learning strategies are presented to target the most notable challenges of each Encore. Chapter VIII serves as the conclusion, providing final thoughts about Berio’s Six Encores pour piano and suggesting areas for further research.

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