Elena Niermann

Artist Statement

Sometimes it seems as though inspiration strikes at random. I find myself inspired by the smallest of things, like the change in light throughout the day, or the way the body moves under fabric. At other times my art is a response to the greatest challenges we face as a society. I explore issues of gender and equality and the struggle to save the earth. My work is reflective of the things I find most beautiful about the world, all the things I would like to change, and the delicate balance between them.

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Colorado, Elena Niermann is an artist, activist, entrepreneur and aspiring art therapist. Her discipline ranges from painting and photography to writing and multimedia work. She is passionate about the healing power of art, the importance of art in our society, and the impact we make as humans on the world and people around us. Currently pursuing a degree in Studio Art and Psychology at the University of Northern Colorado, she has sold several pieces of her work and has won numerous awards for her work in group exhibitions.


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Creation Date



“Crouching Body” is an image from my photo series titled “The Female Gaze”.

This body of work is a redefinition of the “female gaze”, a term coined in the 70s by feminist film theorist Laura Mulvey in constituence with the idea of the “male gaze”; i.e. women view themselves and other women from the perspective of men. My work explores ideas of feminine performativity, self-love, and self-expression as a political statement in a patriarchal society. This piece in particular reflects the contemporary ideals of self portraiture as empowerment, where performative images of women are considered enactments of femininity by autonomous beings rather than objects for men’s viewing pleasure.


16 x 24”


Photo Print-Glossy