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In order to better understand the relationship between library use and academic success, members of the Libraries faculty and administration partnered with a member of UNC’s institutional research team to answer the following questions:

• How does use of specific library services correlate to persistence for undergraduate students?  • Is there a positive correlation between the number of uses of library services and academic achievement for undergraduate students?  • How does use of library services correlate to academic achievement for undergraduate students? • How do students define academic success? • What role can or does the library play in student academic success?

Using both quantitative (circulation statistics, computer use, information literacy class attendance, and research consultation participation) and qualitative (individual interviews) methods, the group was able to analyze the role the University Libraries plays in student academic success. The qualitative results showed a positive correlation between library use and increased student persistence. The quantitative data revealed themes about how the Libraries’ space, place, people, and resources contribute to student life. Student interviewees indicated that they find University Libraries to be a safe and welcoming communal space as they pursue their scholarly ambitions.