Keynote Address

Dr. Caroline Fell Kurban is the Director of the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at MEF University. Her teaching career spans 20 years, teaching, training and managing in schools and universities in Turkey, Austria, Japan, Taiwan, Spain and Portugal. She holds a BSc in Geology, MSc in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, PhD in Applied Linguistics and, being a staunch believer in life-long learning, is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Technology and Learning Design. Being one of the drivers of Flipped Learning at MEF University, her role sees her: developing learner training support in Flipped Learning for students; providing professional development for instructors developing and teaching Flipped courses; and developing quality assurance parameters to ensure the successful implementation and continuation of Flipped Learning at MEF University.

She is currently co-authoring a book with the MEF University Rector, Prof. Muhammed Şahin, entitled 'The Flipped Approach to Higher Education: Designing Universities for Today's Knowledge Economies and Societies'. The book tells the story of how MEF established itself as the world's first and only fully Flipped university and shares stories, anecdotes and experiences over the first two years from the leaders, the pedagogical and technical support team, the instructors, and the students, as well as MEF's strategic plan for the future.

MEF University, located in the heart of the business district in Istanbul, Turkey, is a non-profit private university founded by the İbrahim Arıkan Education and Scientific Research Foundation. MEF University, which admitted its first students in September 2014, aims to become a university that keeps entrepreneurship, innovative thinking and creativity in the foreground and has the ability to create global and local value-added with its distinct educational model. MEF University is the first university in the world to adopt the Flipped Learning educational model across all courses university wide university-wide, and is currently setting itself up as a center for excellence to support other institutions wishing to Flip.

Plenary Session

MacKenzie Mushel Ellis was selected as the 2014 National Dance Education Teacher of the Year by the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) of America. For the past ten years she has taught at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, CO. Currently, MacKenzie is pursuing a Master of Arts in Dance Education degree at the University of Northern Colorado. She has over a decade of experience teaching Dance, Health, Physical Education, and Adapted Physical Education. MacKenzie strives to create innovative learning experiences and utilizes diverse instructional strategies to engage all students, promote self-confidence, and foster a love for learning. Her work is grounded in creativity, collaboration, communication, and brain-considered learning which encourages students to “get curious”, think critically, and MOVE joyfully!

Moving into the future with Flipped Learning Consider how learners are becoming post-secondary ready from the perspective of a high school teacher. Participants will explore examples of what flipping a non-traditional classroom looks like. Delve into brain-considered teaching and learning strategies actively in this session. Discover how to create a classroom environment which engages learners, harnesses brain power, and prepares students for lifelong learning.


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