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The relationship between Childhood Emotional Abuse (CEA) and certain DSM disorders is under-researched for the potential applications of the relationships that existing research has demonstrated. Correlations have been consistently found between CEA and several DSM disorders, and more longitudinal research on those correlations may aid in the understanding, identification, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of both CEA and the development of disorders. This study utilized a meta-analysis methodology to consolidate the data from 30 research articles that represent a majority of all current research that has been conducted on this topic thus far. The meta-analysis concluded that correlations are present between CEA and several DSM disorders such as Schizophrenia , Borderline Personality Disorder, and some Mood, Anxiety, and Eating disorders. The results of this study also indicate where future research can be directed to fill in more of the gaps in what is known about this topic. This thesis affirms the importance of further study on the relationship between abuse and DSM disorders, as the information from all the articles combined does not provide sufficient data to determine any confident results beyond the fact that the relationship exists. Further research could assist therapists and other practitioners in effectively treating CEA and the disorders with which it has been found to correlate.