Dr. Mitchell Gardner

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There have been numerous studies done on various topics involving mental health with different populations, for mental health plays such a significant role in everyone's lives. Mental health essentially drives how individuals think, feel, and act. However, mental health tends to be overlooked with minority populations, thus causing the number of studies done on minority populations to be so little. This study will focus solely on the African American community, for the African American community experiences this mental health stigma that is not seen so often with the White population due to certain factors. Males also experience higher levels of stigma than the females in terms of mental health. The purpose of this study is to further explore these factors that are contributing to the mental health stigma within the African American community along with the factors that are causing African American males to experience higher levels of stigma. The research design for this project was done with a qualitative method by looking at multiple journal articles and statistics to help identify the factors causing this mental health stigma among the Black community along with factors causing males to experience higher levels of stigma. The research will involve qualitative methods of collecting data including the survey design method and the interview (round table talk) design method. Because some individuals will experience their first onset of mental health issues during young adulthood (age ranging from 18-25), utilizing African American male college students from various universities will be most effective.

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