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The purpose of this review is to assess how adults who were obese as children are affected psychologically and physically. Understanding childhood obesity has become an important topic in the last few decades, especially in the United States. This research seeks to examine the previous literature and its gaps in making conclusions about how the diagnosis of childhood obesity affects children not only at the time of diagnosis but into adulthood as well. Articles for review sourced from PubMed and PsychInfo and were available via the University of Northern Colorado libraries. Numerous sources were found, and several had varying results. Studies that specifically examine the psychological effects of childhood obesity are scarce, as it is a sensitive issue and involves a vulnerable population. However, since childhood obesity is becoming more prevalent in America, it is anticipated that further research will be conducted to understand the impact. After reading and analyzing previous methodology, suggestions and conclusions will be made in the discussion. Much of the previous research uses methods such as surveys to large groups of people. The scholarly contribution of this synthetic study is crucial because it will provide an analysis of the work of others while creating suggestions and ideas for future studies as well.

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