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OpenEd Conference 2018

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Fall 10-11-2018


Identifying constituent needs regarding Open Educational Resources is a key part of the process when engaging with stakeholders. Input gathered is crucial to influencing OER initiatives at the state and local level--and taking informed next steps. One presenter, a consultant hired by the state of Colorado, conducted a statewide OER survey in order to gain the input from a variety of populations and provide a report to a state legislative committee. The other presenter, a Colorado academic librarian and SPARC Open Education Leadership Fellow, deployed OER surveys for students and faculty at their institution to help guide campus OER initiatives. This session features a discussion of survey findings, recommendations, and how the results compare between the state and institution levels. The primary audience for this presentation are individuals who are are ready to move forward with identifying OER stakeholders and needs. Attendees will learn benefits of scaling OER surveys so they can be implemented to maximum effect on both the state and institution levels.

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