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Midcontinental Chapter of the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting

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The objective of this research is to assess student learning in a library one-shot for Nursing students who are beginning to navigate the scholarly research system and to identify and procure primary and secondary research studies to support a clinical change.


NURS 380 is the research and evidence-based practice course for second-year nursing students taken in concert with clinical experiences. Three sections of this course (36 students each) were given the same lecture, hands-on practice, and facilitated research time with the same librarian during a three-hour session of the course. At the end of each session, the librarian used a Classroom Assessment Technique (non-graded, anonymous, and in-class) to collect data on student learning.


Results of this research are pending. The data is being analyzed currently. It is hypothesized that student reports will indicate learning library research methods that can be directly mapped to the student learning outcomes of the session.


This study offers a teaching plan (overview and lesson plans) and an assessment of student learning with those materials. Although Classroom Assessment Techniques are generally simple by design and an economical method for gathering data for formative assessment, they offer rich feedback for both professor and librarian on which to build future teaching and learning.

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assessment; health sciences; information literacy; learning; one-shot

2019_MCMLA_LessonPlan.pdf (379 kB)
Nursing Research Course Lesson Plan

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Nursing Research Course Session Handout

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Nursing Research Course Activity

2019_MCMLA_Assessment.pdf (336 kB)
Nursing Research Course Session Assessment

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MCMLA Conference Program

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Poster Abstract