The Newtons


Alonso R. Tapia


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These pieces represent each side of my family, all who have made me who I am and inspire me to continue a legacy. Mr. Tapia (Manuel Tapia) and Ramona are my grandparents from my father's side. Both migrated from Chihuahua, Mexico and brought our family here to pursue a better life and new opportunities. The Newton's (Don & Betty Anne) are my great-grandparents from my mother's side, who inspire genuine kindness and care to the family. Mr. Gutierrez (Pedro Beltran Gutierrez) is my grandfather from my mother's side who served in the army and the Korean War. Whether we realize it or not, we all come from a line of sacrifices, growth, and love. In everything I do with my life, I like to reflect back and look forward. Sadly each of them is no longer with us, but I know are looking down and watching if they can. While keeping family in mind, anything I do, represents more than just Alonso Ramon Tapia.


Graphite pencil on paper