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One of my biggest struggles with depression and anxiety was my medication. I was on and off of it randomly, and it was incredibly difficult to force myself to take it consistently. After hitting an immensely rough patch in my life, I turned to a dark place and found myself taking many doses of Escitalopram in one sitting. The experience I went through was intense. I felt vibrations pulsing through my body, eyes were wide and jittery, my stomach fluttered. My heart was pounding out of my chest. Looking back into that moment, I see the pain that I was experiencing, and I empathize with my younger self. This piece is meant to honor the morbid yet beautiful outcome of my past self and how it has impacted my outlook on life today. This piece should be felt and recognized; I want this to be a tribute to those facing similar challenges to show that we can make it out of these dark places to fly up towards the light, like I imagine the moths are in this painting.


Acrylic on canvas