Teak Lipstick

Teak Lipstick


Olivia Fink

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Artist's Biography

Olivia Grace Fink is an interdisciplinary multimedia artist. Her sculptural and two-dimensional works are inspired by environmental issues, and call for the viewer to contemplate the importance of the natural world. Rather than realistic representation, her works favor abstract interpretation. She lives and was raised in Colorado, where exposure to nature has motivated her to take action to preserve the earth’s natural resources and landscapes. She is currently studying at the University of Northern Colorado, in Greeley, Colorado, and is pursuing a K-12 Art Education BA, as well as a Studio Art BA with an emphasis in sculpture and digital fabrication. With an expected graduation of Fall 2020, she will also receive an Arts Entrepreneurship Certificate. Currently, she is working as a studio technician for the University of Northern Colorado’s Art and Design labs and studios.

Artist's Statement

My work highlights the injustices done to the natural world, while drawing attention to its beauty and intrinsic value. My sculptural and two-dimensional works are abstractions inspired by issues surrounding water conservation, loss of biodiversity, depletion of natural resources, and pollution. My process begins with a scientific study I find distressing. I then develop imagery and symbolism to guide my choice of materials, color palette, and form. I utilize media such as laser-cut plexiglass, acrylic paint, 3D-printed resin and PLA plastic. These nonorganic pieces do not decompose, which creates tension and a paradox between contemporary materials and the natural world.

Publication Date

Spring 2020

Teak Lipstick