Sunrise Paintbrush

Sunrise Paintbrush


Michelle Knapp

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Artist's Biography

Michelle Knapp was born in Denver, Colorado and grew up in Greeley, Colorado. Having grown up near the mountains and close to the Rocky Mountain National Park her love of the outdoors grew even more. Throughout her life, Michelle has always been inspired and fascinated by her grandmothers’ watercolors paintings of landscapes and flowers. Unfortunately, her grandmother died when Michelle was only one but she grew up with all of her grandmother’s artwork surrounded around her and heard stories about her grandmother from her parents. Her grandmother and mother who also is an artist inspired her to become an artist ever since she was little. By seeing all of their artwork all around the house inspired her to do what they do and ever since she was little and always loved art. You would always find Michelle drawing or painting something when she was little. When Michelle was older her mother gave her watercolor paint for the first time and became in love with it. She was amazed at how the color acted with the water forming a natural movement. One day Michelle found old watercolor paints, paper, and brushes in the basement and was told that was her grandmother's painting supplies. From that day to now Michelle uses her grandmother's painting supplies while she creates artwork. Michelle gets her inspiration for her artwork from her adventures with nature when going on hikes and exploring national parks. She paints from photos she took or from her imagination. She adds bright colors to her artwork and focuses on landscapes and flowers using the medium of watercolor. Michelle is still pursuing her love of painting by getting a bachelor’s degree in Art Education at the University of Northern Colorado and her concentration is painting.

Artist's Statement

My artwork takes the side of the world of color and nature. I focus on landscapes, floral, and nature designs with beautiful Colorado sunsets incorporating vibrant colors. I get my inspiration from my adventures with nature while going on hikes and exploring National Parks. I paint from photos that I took or from my imagination. Creating pieces of artwork using the medium of watercolor and using art supplies my grandmother used when she created watercolor pieces of art when she was an artist. I want my artwork to connect people to the beauty of nature and encourage people to go outside and have an adventure in the beautiful scenery of Mother Nature.

Publication Date

Spring 2020

Sunrise Paintbrush