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Artist's Biography

Alex Nunley was born and raised in Brea, California. After 19 years in southern California, he left to attend the University of Northern Colorado to study History and Secondary Education. 3 years later, he realized that he did not want to become a highschool History teacher, and became an Art and Design major instead, focusing in Graphic Design. He currently works for UNC as a student photographer, and will continue to develop a career in photography.

Artist's Statement

Before becoming an artist, I thought I had to fill a fixed space. Now as an artist, I get the freedom to make a space for myself. The spaces I create are filled through graphic design and photography, sharing complex ideas and captured memories. Each day I get to discover a little more of what it means to be an artist, and to tell myself that I can try something new and that is okay.

In my piece In-N-Out, I used ProCreate on an Ipad Pro for my sketching and creation. This piece was created to let me explore expressive typography, as well as to share my longing for a nice Double-Double and animal style fries. ProCreate encouraged the trial and error process that most of my work is developed from, allowing for movement and variation of the elements that is intuitive with the program’s tools.

Publication Date

Spring 2020