Teapot and Cup

Teapot and Cup


Dallas Shields

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Artist's Biography

Dallas Shields is a ceramic artist that was born in Montana and has lived in the west coast and midwest. First getting involved in the ceramic arts in high school. Studding the arts in Douglas County, Colorado and Greeley, Colorado at Aims Community College and the University of Northern Colorado.

Artist's Statement

The work that I create is utilitarian. I intend for my work to be used during its lifetime, thinking about the usability of work during the process of creation in scale vs atheistic. Thinking about the usage of the piece through every step of the process; throwing the form, handles or how to hold the piece, storage, the use of the piece, what textures, and what type of firing would generate the best outcome for the work.

My current work is a blend of the precise and playful forms in conjunction with experimental glaze and the application of said glaze.

Publication Date

Spring 2020


SoAD Award presented by Lynn Cornelius, Interim Director, School of Art & Design.

Teapot and Cup