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I develop art that speak both to me and to others about the beauty of art. I have always been interested in art since I was young, and the interest has grown tremendously since then. As an artist , I always feel the urge to come up with new ways of interacting with the world and holding on to it for as long a s possible , although their comes a time you have to let go and create room for new memories. Art serves as a haven as I can distant myself from all the stress and craziness life offer while I work on my art. Through my art I can express myself and let my mind roam in a safe and comfortable environment. I am particularly intrigued about lines as a component of art. In the present generation the lines used in art has no meaning and this makes me go back to lines as an expression tool in art. Growing awareness of how specific lines could enhance and augment paintings was significant, such as creating balance and unity in my art. My project, ‘lines used as a descriptor’ explains and analyses more about lines. My experiences in using lines in my art have been a series of balancing acts: of bright colours and dull, to create attractive images comprising of various shapes. My colour experimentation explores the importance of the identity of the original subject, as well as naturalistic colour’s role in determining that identity. I try to reach beyond my self as an artist by creating a mental challenge to combine materials that are unlikely to be combined , colours that do not match , spatial arrangement that are astonishing and then convert them in to a finished art that is appreciable by my viewers and I.


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