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The purpose of this study was to access the effectiveness of choreographic devices and how it impacts student engagement when learning choreography. The research aimed to evaluate if choreographic devices have an impact on student engagement by evaluating the utilization of specific choreographic devices when teaching choreography if there were significant differences between faculty and student exploration when creating work and if the differences explored enhanced or diminished student engagement levels. The forty-two participants were attending a junior college in Riverside, California and the research took place over the course of six weeks during the fall and spring semesters. During the fall semester, the researcher used participants in the faculty choreographed concert and during the spring semester, the participants were dancers in the student choreographed concert. Participant self-assessments and exit surveys were created to collect quantitative data to establish themes and recurring devices throughout the research. The results of the research indicated that participants were engaged throughout the choreography process although the choreographic devices being used by all the choreographers were not clearly determined. The results of the research indicated that clear choreographic devices do not have to be established for performers to be engaged or interested in the choreography being taught. There were no differences between student and faculty choreographers and their use of choreographic devices.

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