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Gastrointestinal tract cancer is one of the fifth most common cancers in Vietnam and has a high mortality rate in Vietnamese people based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2018) global cancer statistics. One-third of adults aged 50 or older, the age group at greatest risk of developing colorectal cancer, have not been screened because endoscopy is considered a stressful procedure. The endoscopic patient sometimes refuses to have the procedure. Therefore, using music to ease the anxiety of endoscopic clients has been examined in various studies but the results have been inconclusive. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of music therapy on the anxiety of Vietnamese endoscopic clients in a district private hospital. The quasi-experimental research evaluated changes in vital signs, pain scores, and anxiety levels before and after the endoscopic procedure among participants who listened to music and those who did not. Forty patients participated: 18 who listened to music before and during the procedure and 22 who served as the control group. The Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) version 20 was used to analyze data. There was a significant difference among the anxiety levels of those who chose to listen to music and those who did not listen at p < .000. Those who listened to music appeared to have lower anxiety scores pre, peri, and post procedure. No significant differences in perceived pain were found between groups. In conclusion, while music did not result in shortened procedure times or doses of sedative medications utilized, it did reduce blood pressure and heart rate among patients undergoing endoscopy. Additionally, most of the endoscopic clients were willing to repeat an endoscopic procedure in the future. Limitations of this study included a small sample size and since only one hospital was utilized, data might not be representative of the whole endoscopic patient population in Vietnam. Future studies should expand to include more patients at multiple facilities.

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