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This study surveyed the awareness level of nursing students about the effectiveness of teamwork and related factors. At Hong Bang International University (HIU), teamwork training for nursing students at HIU has been applied but it has been difficult for all students to achieve high results and confidence in practicing teamwork skills. The effectiveness of self-study and group activities depends on many factors. The effectiveness of teaching approaches has not been measured and has needed to be addressed to result in the best learning experience for students. The results of this study provided recommendations to improve the quality of training as well as to inform the successful design of an educational program regarding teamwork. A descriptive, cross-sectional design was used. A questionnaire was administered to 129 nursing students who were in their third and final year in the Bachelor of Nursing Program from Hong Bang International University. Participants were 101females and 28 males. The questionnaire "Teamwork skill of Saigon University" (Huyen, 2010) included 33 items, which were rated on a 5-point Likert scale. Reliability of this instrument for this study was .95. The use of learner-centered methods in the college has shifted the focus of activity from the teacher to the students to develop learner autonomy and independence. This has been considered a challenge for nursing students because they are not only learning at school but also in clinical settings. Therefore, nursing students' awareness about the role of effective teamwork is very important so they can work together to develop their learning quality. Nurse educators could use this study’s results to improve teaching strategies regarding teamwork knowledge and skills for nursing students in Vietnam.


Teamwork, Group Work, Student Nurses; Nursing Students; Team-building; Team-based learning


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