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This thesis is the culmination of the two-year process of researching, conceptualizing, organizing, rehearsing, directing and producing Neil LaBute’s reasons to be pretty with theatre students from the University of Northern Colorado. The show was performed in March of 2012. The guiding questions for this project included: Why is it important to analyze a character’s internal and external qualities? How can one develop a strong ensemble? What is the role of the media in society’s perception of beauty? How can a successful production with rehearsal limitations be produced? What is it about this material that will keep the actors and the audience engaged? How can one ensure that the audience understands the message of the story? The dramaturgical protocol, prospectus, and prompt book are the support materials for this project. The rehearsal journal and conclusion of this thesis offers an insight of the production process. This thesis details the processes and research utilized to create a powerful evening of theatre.

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Theatre; Beauty; Reasons to be pretty


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