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The purpose of this study was to see what young adult ballet dancers knew about cross-training and if they found cross-training methods they practiced effective in supporting their dance technique and helping to prevent injuries. To uncover this information, the researcher used the following essential questions to guide this project: Q1 How do young adult ballet dancers practice cross-training? Q2 Which of these cross-training modalities are considered most effective? The research instruments used in this study included a survey consisting of multiple-choice, multiple-selection, and open-ended questions and an optional journal reflection consisting of open-ended questions. There were a total of four participants from different regions of the United States who completed the survey, and two of these four participants completed the optional journal reflection. There were several limitations to this study, most notably the small sample size of participants. Furthermore, the gender diversity of the population was limited, preventing generalization of the outcome to a greater population. Finally, the validity and reliability of the research instruments were not tested prior to the dissemination of research materials. The outcome of this study showed that all participants were aware of cross-training, and most of these dancers practiced multiple forms of cross-training and found benefits that varied based on which method they practiced.


dance education; cross-training; ballet dancers; ballet education; fitness for dancers