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The purpose of this research was to determine ways in which dance could assist kindergarten to second-grade student comprehension of Empathy, Inclusion, Equity, and Oneness. To answer the research questions, the researcher used an integrative approach to gain qualitative data and investigated the ways in which students internalize these concepts. Administrators, general education teachers, social-emotional educators, and special education instructors collaborated with the dance educator to observe lessons, give feedback, and complete surveys based on the guided questions of the research. Research tools also included surveys from students, guardians, educators, and school staff that work closely with the classes involved. Further research that includes a more integrative approach to dance education as reflected in the general education classroom is necessary. Creating more integrative lessons between dance and the general education teacher will develop additional Oneness between classmates and educators, increasing Oneness through the school community and openness and freedom for movement.


Dance Education; Elementary; Empathy; Equity; Inclusion; Oneness, Integration; Community; Whole Child; Lower Elementary; K-2nd grade Dance

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