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The purpose of this study was to examine and compare the effectiveness of certain choreographic tools for the task of translating visual and literary material into concert dance, specifically through translating the source material Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. The research sought to determine which choreographic tools used in the study were more effective than others and more preferred than others in terms of participant responses. This was achieved through translating the animated series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon into a series of virtuosic dance solos for public performance through the use of various choreographic tools, including abstract translation, literal translation, Forsythe Improvisation Technologies, ShaGa, the specific concept of “pathway” from the Viewpoints method, and choreographing through constraints. This study took place over the course of January to May of 2022 with four participants, in which participants met twice a month at a local dance studio to translate their assigned material through the same assigned choreographic methods to create dance solos, culminating in a public performance. To gather qualitative, descriptive data from the participants, the researcher employed the use of a pre-survey, post-survey, and journal prompts. The results of this research indicated that participants found several choreographic tools to be more effective than others for the task of translating source imagery into dance.


Dance, choreography, dance composition, Sailor Moon, choreographic tools

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