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The purpose of this research was to examine arts-integrated lesson plans that use contemporary artworks to promote relevant learning experiences and also develop skills to transfer knowledge from multiple disciplines. The lesson plans examined were from pre-service teachers who enrolled in a methods class, Contemporary Art in Society, at the University of Northern Colorado. The class provided methods and techniques to teachers for creating arts integrated lesson plans from contemporary artworks. The findings of this study showed evidence that the methods used in Contemporary Art in Society to instruct teachers how to use contemporary artworks within arts-integrated lesson plans provided them with skills to develop curricula relevant to K-12 grade students because it connects to their contemporary culture. The study also showed evidence that these arts-integrated lesson plans develop skills in transferring knowledge from multiple disciplines. Contemporary artworks aid in the transfer of knowledge by mimicking methods and tools associated with multiple disciplines. When teachers use these artworks as a catalyst for lesson plan designs, the lessons uncover several discipline standards that transcend disciplinary boundaries. Contemporary artworks also use ideas and research from contemporary culture that connect to a student’s culture and global world. Further research is needed to fully understand the strengths of using contemporary artworks as a catalyst for curricular design. In an ever changing world, contemporary artworks might be how we prepare our students to become better citizens and self-actualized individuals in the future. .

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Contemporary art; Curricular design; Arts education; Lesson plans


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