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The purpose of this thesis study was to find if emotional intelligence could be increased through participation in dance classes, and if that increase of emotional intelligence could mitigate anxiety in teens today. The researcher held four dance classes with a total of five 15–16- year-old volunteer participants, all with dance experience. Two research instruments were used and data were analyzed quantitatively. The research questions explored were: Q1 What immediate effects do participating in a dance class have on emotional intelligence? Q2 Which components of emotional intelligence develop the most from participating in dance? The data demonstrated that participation in dance classes can increase emotional intelligence. Increased emotional intelligence and involvement in dance can have an effect on the reduction of anxiety in teens today. More research on dance and emotional intelligence in conjunction would be needed to solidify these findings. A longer study would provide more in- depth data to analyze in order to interpret what kind of immediate and longstanding effects dance and emotional intelligence would have on anxiety.