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In this study, the researcher proposed using knowledge collected of hip-hop dance experts and pioneers to create a curriculum applicable for the youth. Using interviews with various experts and research on hip-hop pioneers, the researcher tested the proposed curriculum on third, fourth, and fifth grade participants in a Colorado private school. The curriculum was tested over a span of five weeks with seventy-four participants. Within the study, the participants were given historical knowledge, various vocabulary, creative prompts, and were introduced to different hip-hop musical artists. The participants were required to participate in cyphers, Battles, various hip-hop dance exercises, and create a classic Hip-Hop Jam based on the Pillars and Principles of Hip-Hop. Instruments used to review and calculate the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the proposed curriculum included an assessment rubric, informal testing of retention through hip-hop dance exercises, and surveys completed upon entrance and exit.


dance; hip-hop; dance technique; hip-hop curriculum, codifying hip-hop