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A robust music curriculum is the foundation for a successful music program. With school choice becoming more prevalent, parents who prioritize musical education for their children need information about the quality of the music curriculum in all school models, including charter schools. Currently, little data is available about music programs in charter schools. This document seeks to address that lack of information with a focus on charter schools in Arizona. There were no participants involved in this research. All proposed questions have not been used for research purposes at this time and are used as examples of options for future study. The research presented is for proposed future research only.

Adequate musical education can only be promoted in Arizona charter schools with accurate data about current curriculum, resources, and needs of music teachers. The purpose of this document is twofold: 1) to provide a detailed examination of resources available to charter-school music teachers in Arizona and 2) to propose research tools that could be utilized to collect data from current music teachers in Arizona charter schools. Two surveys are proposed. One is a multiple-choice survey with limited room for comments. The other is a set of open-ended questions to be asked in a personal interview. Both surveys would collect data on course offerings, instructional time, student participation, teaching facilities, teacher qualifications, and institutional support related to music instruction.

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