Use of National/State Dance Standards and the Effect On High School Student Preparation Levels For College Admission Requirements

Rebbecca Meyers, University of Northern Colorado


The purpose of this study was to investigate the gap between high school dance student preparation levels and college dance entrance expectations and requirements within the state of California. To guide the research, it was important to consider the following essential questions: Q1 Are the use and effective implementation of the National Arts Standards in Dance, as well as the California Arts Dance Standards, in a given high school dance curriculum sufficiently preparing dance students for college dance admission requirements? Q2 What are the contributing factors that maintain or widen the gap between K-12 dance programs and post-secondary dance programs in California? In order to answer these questions, the researcher surveyed three different population groups. These groups included High School Dance Directors, Postsecondary Dance Directors, and current College Dance Students. Each group was asked multiple questions regarding their knowledge and experience with the National and State Standards in Dance and how they applied to the preparation, if at all, for student college dance requirements. Background knowledge regarding the history of Dance Education, Dance Education in the state of California, and other viewpoints of Dance Education within public and postsecondary educational institutions are provided throughout this study. These topics help illustrate possible contributing factors to the lack of vertical articulation between high school dance and college dance programs. Additionally, this information supplies the reader with evidence promoting the need for further research on the given thesis topic.