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Philodryas baroni (Baron’s Green Racer) and Trimorphodon lambda (Sonoran Lyre Snake) each belong to extensively studied genera of rear-fanged venomous snakes. Investigating the bioactivities and structural composition through methods not typically included in venomic workflows, which use homologous sequences and describe venoms by their constituent peptides, provides valuable insights into both the degree and extent to which venom diversity and complexity can be overlooked by many venomic workflows. This study explores the venom compositions of P. baroni and T. lambda and compares them to published toxins observed in opisthoglyphous snakes, specifically taxon-selective three-finger toxins and metalloprotease-dominated venoms.

This study underscores a greater degree of quaternary structure variability within previously sequenced and described rear fanged snake venoms. This variability also occurs in tandem with shifts in potency and specificity characteristics of the toxins described. Characteristics desirable when searching for translatable mechanisms capable of altering characteristics of existing proteins or synthetic peptide therapeutics in favorable directions.

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