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Creativity and the ability to freely devise and express are human capacities recognized to be highly important in today’s world. Yet, while many champion these qualities, modern society continually makes achieving them a laborious process, riddled with the pressure of success and commercial marketability. Two years of researching and devising educational methodologies surrounding the use of theatre as a tool for the development of students’ unbridled creativity, expression, and self-efficacy have led me to ask the following questions of this process: Can students achieve authentic creative self-expression inside the confines of portraying a pre-written character? How does one freely express oneself using the words of another? Within these parameters, how can the student gain insight to and mastery of their own artistic freedom? In mounting a production of the musical, [title of show], I set out to mirror the authors’ own intentions to create with artistic integrity using a group of student actors. How could I expose each student’s authentic self on stage and help them achieve unencumbered, unfiltered, and undiluted creative expression as an artist? This thesis details the process used to answer these questions and realize this goal.

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Artistic freedom; Acting; Creative skills development; Student actors; Musical theatre; Arts advocacy; title of show


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