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In education, there are various methods of instruction used to engage students and strengthen learning of academic concepts. One method that can be used is arts integration. Arts integration is a pathway to learning that integrates an art form with another subject. Using movement and dance to help teach concepts that are part of an academic discipline is dance integration. This thesis involves dance integration and examines creating and presenting a movement and dance-integrated curriculum that teaches concepts that are part of the math discipline. The study explores how the movement and a dance-integrated curriculum affects student behavior and learning, and answers three essential questions: What is the sequence of lessons to be included in a dance integrated curriculum structured for teaching third grade math concepts? Which third grade math concepts can most easily be taught using a dance-integrated curriculum? And what is the student response to the dance integrated curriculum used to teach third grade math concepts? The created curriculum includes math concepts in geometry, algebraic reasoning, and number sense and operation.


Interdisciplinary approach in education -- United States; Mathematics -- Study and teaching; Dance -- Study and teaching


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