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The purpose of this study was to improve novice dance students’ technique and skill level through the use of video-guided summative assessments in the public high school classroom. The assessments and associated classroom activities examine how the use of video cameras can enhance movement instruction and promote the advancement of student skills if implemented in a meaningful way. The research was conducted in one semester with an introductory level dance class where nineteen student participants filmed themselves performing ballet exercises at the beginning and end of the semester. Participants and researcher assessed these videos using specific movement-based rubrics that measured skills such as movement quality, body placement and alignment, and feet and arm articulation. The scores from these rubrics serve as a numeric measure of growth in students’ technical skill level. Student participants also engaged in inquiry-guided reflective journal writing that serve as the feedback and point of view of the participants involved and help determine if the video filming contributed to any growth and enhancement of skills. Quantitative in its use of numeric scores from the assessment rubrics and qualitative in its examination of student reflective writing, this research helps provide dance teachers with effective assessment and evaluation strategies that motivate student learning and support the improvement of movement skills in the classroom.

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