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Far too often in our society offenders in the criminal justice system started their criminal careers as juveniles and never found a way to dig themselves out of the black hole that is delinquency. In recent years, across the nation, there has been great effort expended in finding early interventions for juveniles to deter them away from the criminal justice system before they delve into a negative life trajectory. In Colorado multiple jurisdictions utilize diversion programs as a way to keep juvenile offenders out of the formal court system. This research examines one such Juvenile Diversion Program in the Fifth Judicial District of the District Attorney’s Office for a three year period between 2010 and 2012 in the counties of Lake, Summit, and Clear Creek. By looking at which components of the juvenile diversion program are the most effectives at producing successful clients it is hoped that improved and targeted interventions for juveniles are able to more effectively help these juveniles stay out of the system before they cannot get back out.

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Juvenile delinquency; Juvenile corrections; Diversion programs


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