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Water has appeared in the work and study of artists for centuries. There are countless aspects of water to be explored, from the sheer physical qualities of water to the spiritual, political, and practical associations with water. Water is what gives us life, and yet the vitality of this precious resource has been threatened over time. This exploration highlights important aspects of the study of water through art-making. My exploration began in the studio while making my own work. I sought to create a multi-sensory environment where viewers could participate and be immersed in the work itself. The site-specific installation was meant to be a celebration of the beauty of water and also recognition of the destruction of water. The work featured 10 copper skeletons that I shaped and soldered together, which symbolized life and death. The copper forms were set amongst an array of wet-felted forms, sculpted wire manta rays, video, and sound. This study discusses my arts-based research within a continuum of historic and contemporary artists and researchers who have also explored the theme of water ecology. In my role as an a/r/tographer or artist, researcher, and teacher, I discuss my personal connections to water, why I chose to create this installation, and future applications in the classroom setting.

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