Exploring sex differences in the effect of cannabidiol on physical activity, cognition, psychological wellbeing and inflammatory and neural health biomarkers


Victoria Flores

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About My Research: The last 20 years of cannabis research have focused on the physiological and psychological effects of cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) derivatives in animal and human studies. However, these studies are incomplete due to excluding females, physically active individuals, highly purified CBD and analyses of inflammatory and neural health responses to CBD. This lack of information is concerning because many individuals are now using CBD daily for general health and wellbeing. There is a great need for understanding the safety and efficacy of daily CBD consumption in healthy males and females and my hope is to address that knowledge gap with a scientific approach that matches CBD use patterns.

Why I’m participating in the 3MT: My main goal with this research is to educate individuals about the potential effects of CBD. I have been following the trend in CBD use and have noticed its popularity and acceptance by the community allows others to unanimously agree it is a "cure-all” supplement. Ads showing Martha Stewart and Justin Bieber with large cannabis and CBD companies to promote sales seems to convey the message that CBD consumption is safe, healing and obligatory for optimal health. I would like my research study to help inform this view, especially for the young and healthy population.

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